We are now officially dog friendly!

Slowly but surely, the number of cultural institutions in Hungarythat let you take your dog along with you continues to grow. Pet ownersrejoice: from 1 June, 2016, well-behaved dogs are welcome to enter Mai ManóHouse. Of course, you don’t need to buy a ticket for your furry friend, and wewill even surprise the first five paying visitors and their dogs with a gift.

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Photo: Mai Manó Ház


By entering the premises of Mai Manó House, dog owners agree to accept the House’s rules for dog owners.

Dog owners and their companions shall fully comply with museum attendants’ directions.

Dogs may enter free of charge. The House shall provide them with free drinking water and bowls to drink from.

Owners shall ensure, by briefly walking their dogs before the visit, that their dogs do not soil the premises of the House. Should a dog nonetheless soil the premises, its owner shall immediately clean up after it. Dog foul shall only be disposed of in a tied-up bag.

The House shall bear no responsibility for any damages caused by dogs or their owners.

Failure to comply with these rules shall lead to eviction from the premises.

Owners shall bring the appropriate equipment (collars, leashes, muzzles, dog apparel etc.), other required accessories (waste disposal bag, snaps, etc.), and shall ensure their pets are in good health.

Dogs with infectious diseases or in heat shall not enter the premises.

Aggressive dogs likely to cause injury shall wear a bite-resistant muzzle on the premises. All responsibility for the behaviour of dogs without muzzles shall lie with their owner (including material damage).

A dog on a leash shall be controlled to ensure it cannot reach another dog on a leash, or disturb visitors with their jumping up or barking.

Visitors shall fully observe effective animal protection laws, ensure their visit is safe and hygienic, and they shall be conscientious of other dog owners and visitors without dogs.

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