József Pécsi Library of Photography
H-1065 Budapest, Nagymező utca 20.

Telephone:+36 30 505 0455

József Pécsi Library of Photography collects everything related to photography:
· autonomous (artist) photography literature· historical works about photography,
· documentary photography works,
· photo technology books,
· all other books and associated with photography, even only peripherally.

The basis of our library’s collection was provided by The Hungarian Photographic Foundation and by subsequent donators:
· Association of Hungarian Photographers
· The Hungarian Museum of Photography
· Péter Korniss
· János Eifert
· Miklós Rév
· Zoltán Szalay
· Éva Keleti

Since its opening, the library has been growing all the time and, in addition to independent purchases, is being expanded by the contributions of Hungarian and foreign private persons, publishers, galleries and museums.

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