Like You and Me - Young Hungarian Photography

The exhibition is open to the public:
24 May 2023 - 19 August 2023.
Tuesday - Sunday from 12 to 7 pm.
Closed on Mondays and public holidays.
Curator: Zita Sárvári
Opening: 23 May 2023, Tuesday, 7 pm.

Featuring nearly a hundred milestone works by thirty young artists, Like You and Me is an exhibition that highlights themes and technical experiments from contemporary Hungarian photography, along with characteristics of the genre and various cases when the boundaries of the medium are crossed. This show at Mai Manó House seeks to present individual voices in photography, through a generation’s personal experiences of an era. We look at whether there is something common in the experiences of individuals who were born in the distinctive political climate of the post-1980 era, who were in the thick of the digital boom, for whom the use of its products has become second nature. Can these experiences seep unconsciously into the works of photographers? The loosely connected individuals of the postmodern society find the passage between tradition and the latest styles natural, have a positive attitude towards fashion and social media, and their attachments are less and less political or serve as instruments of resistance. Will there be points of intersections when different approaches and methods are compared, will there be lessons to learn, is there such a thing as a great Collective Generational Experience? The title, Like You and Me, refers to the independence of the individual and the expression of personal identity, the intimate self, the body, and its extended boundaries. It means isolation and social solitude, but also community, whether virtual or real, as well as togetherness.
The available space places a constraint on our selection from the richness of oeuvres that characterizes contemporary Hungarian photography, but this colourful display still offers an invaluable summary of an era in photography, for us who live in it. It is about you, me and us.


Álovits Bálint
Bartha Máté
Bede Kincső
Bilak Krystyna
Biró Dávid
Bognár Benedek
Bolla Szilvia
Dobokay Máté
Ember Sári
Éder Krisztián
Fabricius Anna
Gáldi Vinkó Andi
Geibl Kata
Ladocsi András
Kis-Kéry Anna
Klenyánszki Csilla
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Kontha Dora
Móró Máté & Szanto Borbala
Perlaki Márton
Pósalaki Anett
Puklus Péter
Rédling Hanna
Schmied Andi
Schuller Judit Flóra
Standovár Júlia
Szalai Dániel
Vékony Dorottya
Vizi András Tibor

In order to see the gallery please click or tap on one side of the image.
Sári Ember: Face of Stone I, 2018, marble, iron, 130x90x60 cm
Krisztián Éder: Los Angeles, California, From the Parallax View series, 2018, chromogenic print, 100x66 cm
Márton Perlaki: Parents (blue), 2018, acrylic paint and charcoal pencil on paper, 131 x 163 cm framed
Barnabás Neogrády-Kiss: Untitled 32, From the Solitude series, 2020, giclée print, laminated and framed 150x120 cm
Csilla Klenyánszki: Balance Nr.1, 2022, C-print, 60x80 cm
Anna Kis-Kéry: Floral Still Life From the series Ingénue, 2022, photo wallpaper, 100x135 cm
Szilvia Bolla: Skin of my skin, flesh of my flesh IV, 2022, luminogram UV print on laser-cut plexiglas, plexiglass mirror, 40x30 cm, Photo reproduction by Massimiliano Costantini
Andreas Laszlo Konrath: Untitled (Joe Polaroid, #01), 2005–2008, polaroid, 10x13 cm
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