Kíra Dorottya Krász: Thought after Taught

The exhibition is open free of charge
10 October 2023 – 26 November 2023
Tuesday to Sunday, from 2 to 7 p.m.
Closed on Mondays and public holidays.
Curator: Ádám Jeneses

In her work, Kíra Dorottya Krász explores the interplay of the physical properties of photography: the combined effect of form and material. She blends the photographic techniques of her analogue images with drawing, cut-outs, montage and layering.

‘The title, Thought after Taught, refers to ideas that spring from knowledge acquired. To the starting point from which we set out into the world with a heavy baggage and little knowledge, and while we left some of it behind, we gathered even more.

These images stem from simple thoughts, and were captured before awareness set in, and it was only during the printing that I registered their real function. […]

The first phase in the train of thought is the photograph, but no single image remains a “photo” in itself. Small drawings are added, existing graphic art is revised, and thus new content arises. The harmony is now formal, now content-related. Just as we reuse and reassess old foundations, I have recycled pages from old books, discarded formulae and outdated maps from atlases.

I worked in layers, so that I could overwrite the material I had previously learnt (whether it be a textbook, a notebook, a yellowed note) with the experience I gained later.’ Dorottya Kíra Krász

Kíra Dorottya Krász (1995, Pécs) is an artist living and working in Hungary, who graduated from the University of Brighton in 2019. A member of the Studio of Young Photographers since 2021, the same year she won a three-year scholarship from the Hungarian Academy of Arts with her series project, From Marble to Stone.

In 2022, her series, The Living Home, won Hangar Art Center’s Coup de coeur Leica award.

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The length of the spine ≠ scale of experience, 15 x 24,4 cm, mixed media
Cold and folded, 20,3 x 25,4 cm, mixed media
Growing in patterns, 29,5 x 32,2 cm, mixed media
Stress Ellipse, 20,5 x 28,5 cm, mixed media
Field 0, 39,5 x 29 cm, mixed media
Sylvia, 18,7 x 25 cm, mixed media
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