Visitor Information (COVID-19)

Dear Visitors,

For your safety during the pandemic, we have introduced the following rules. Please observe them to protect yourself, other visitors, and our employees.

– When you enter the exhibition spaces, bookstore or library of Mai Manó House, your temperature will be checked.
– Visitors with a body temperature above 37.4 °C, and those coughing or displaying other symptoms of some respiratory disease, will be barred from entering.

Thank you for your understanding!

To create a safe environment for you, we put in place what are standard rules and practices: we frequently disinfect and ventilate our facilities, and require visitors to wear masks and observe a safe distance of 1.5 metres.

Our security measures:

– you can buy face masks in our bookstore
– hand sanitizer can be purchased at the ticket office
– we accept banks cards in the gallery and the bookstore
– we regularly ventilate the halls
– we regularly disinfect door handles, toilets, floors and the foyer
– no more than 60 visitors are allowed to be present in the exhibition halls at any one time

We look forward to seeing you. Let’s take care of each other.

Photo: Balázs Máté

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